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Mobile Technology

Japan mobile technology leads the world with the fastest data service and highest quality mobile equipment. Current transition from UMTS and WCDMA to 4G LTE was completed during 2011 with steady improvements to the networks. Current Data speed provided by NTT DoCoMo (Japan's Largest Service Provider) is 300Mbps and planned to increase with a near term goal of 1Gbps. Japan being the approximate size of California in the United States allows service providers to provide maximum coverage based on their infrastructure investment. JCR prides ourselves in providing the most up-to date equipment and technology.

Web Service

Japan web services have improved over the past five years making internet, connectivity, provider options, and web searching in English significantly easier and more important reliable with lowered costs. Obtaining a contract for services without being a resident is almost an impossibility without local documentation


Japan E-Commerce is robust, but with pitfalls for foreign companies wishing to break into the lucrative marketplace. Acquiring a bank account in Japan is not easy as you will find in most Western countries, even after establishing a well funded corporation. A formal introduction is often required. Then, it's the hurdle of establishing a merchant account with acceptable rates.


You'll find the system to be quite different in regards to the processing time and the deposit of the transaction amounts. Because of these issues, many companies choose to process through other means including utilizing foreign based bank and merchant card services.



The analytical Japanese! You'll find that in Japan there is more analysis and research than action. More reports and testing than most often required. This is not to say this is a bad concept since we want the job to succeed or the rice cooker to make the most delicious rice. You'll learn that patience at inception is the golden rule, but the outcome is 99% satisfactory.


Looking for a mobile data solution? Equipment needs? We have the team leaders  to assist your specific requirements in Japan. Our engineers and sales force have the experience, honesty and persistence to solve problems others find too difficult to handle. We also have a wide variety of contacts in Japan and Asia providing a full spectrum of possible options.

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