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Mobile Corporate Data Service

JCR has exclusively provided fast data and clear voice services for overseas corporations based or visiting Japan during the past 15 plus years. Beginning with simple 2G and 3G data cards, i-Mode email technology, LAN based internet service,

Blackberry BIS/BES, WiFi and MiFi service, expanding to today's 300Mbps 4G LTE connectivity and devices. Major corporations from the Americas, Europe, Oceania, Africa and Asia rely on JCR Systems to provide a stable and robust network  with uninterrupted mobile data services when working in Japan. We currently offer our clients up to 3000GB of monthly fast nationwide 4G data service without caps or throttling. Contracts are available from one month to several years based on your requirements. Our staff is available to assist you. Please inquire

Corporate Equipment Lease

Along with our Japan data services JCR offers corporate users the most advance mobile devices for utilization in Japan and Asia. We select then test the most modern and dependable technology available in Japan and Asia. Whether your requirement is one month or several years, inquire and choose from our resource of multiple manufactures to meet your specific needs. Please inquire.

4G & 3G Data Cards Tablets Portable WiFi

Mobile Equipment & Accessory Purchase

JCR Systems also offers you the option of purchasing equipment directly from our new and used mobile shopper web portal. Please feel free to examine our inventory of 3G and 4G products sent directly to your current locale.

Mobile Software

Large software firms in Japan tend to concentrate on fulfilling the domestic market requirements, thus most Japanese software does not offer the flexibility of alternate language conversion as in the West. We're currently working with companies with this adjustment, and providing support with product marketing.

Our core intent is to offer web, voice and data software for mobile devices assisting corporate visitors during their work and personal activities in Japan. More information is to be posted as we enter 2016.

Travel & Leisure

Traveling to Japan or Asia for leisure and require mobile internet connectivity?

During the past year several new companies have sprung up offering internet service from prepaid to postpaid plans. It's important to check the details and get all the information prior to selection. Many companies do not disclose all the facts upfront or information is hidden in the fine print. For mobile equipment rentals, iPhone and Android service, tablets, sim cards, Wifi / MiFi, or other internet needs we recommend visiting They have a variety of services geared to private and corporate travelers visiting Japan for short or long terms. Delivery options are vary, with plans to meet all requirements. More important, they do their best to disclose all the information via their website or all available via telephone 24/7 in case of inquiries or customer support.

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