All JCR Japanese smartphones, cellular phones, and voice capable sim cards have NTT DoCoMo voice mail services.  The introduction message has been set to play English and Japanese and the voice mail center will store your messages for retrieval at any time by dialing 1417. The service allow the renter to retrieve, delete or store messages at the voice mail message center.

Japan External Voice Mail Service
For those who desire the advance feature of having longer more detailed voice mail capabilities, select our external voice mail feature.  Calls are stored with NTT's message center until you wish to retrieve them. All phones are set in this mode by default. Please review the provided operational  manual for instruction on the use of voice message and voice mail functions.

Japan Internal Voice Mail (cell phones only)
Cell phone internal voice mail feature allows you to record and play voice mail messages without calling the message center. 
The internal voice mail will store up to 3 (three), 18 second messages for replay.  Erasing your unwanted messages will allow you to record new messages. This service should be utilized when roaming outside of Japan.